Wednesday, March 18, 2009

two days of demolition, 100 years of dirt

about half of the lowered ceiling that was installed some time ago is now removed to reveal the original ceiling joists.

gina surveying the damage while sippin on some coffee, she's pretentious like that

piles of wood and metal, the metal will be recycled and some of the wood will be used to frame in a few walls. Anything with recylable or reusable value is being salvaged.

a pile of paper and cardboard to the left, ready to be recycled and the once framed in hodge podge of closet space and bathroom is opening up

After two days of demolition, thousands of hammer swings, and a plethora of crowbar prys this is what we have. A building that is starting to show its true shape and size. The architect was able to make field measurements yesterday and we should have some drawings ready in a week or so.

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