Monday, March 16, 2009

fresh on the inside

The current interior ambiance of the bait shop is defined by the pretentious vulgarity of brilliant blue pegboard and a sparse distribution of antiquated furniture and shelving. Styrofoam nightcrawler containers strewn about the floor and signs reading "please do not put hands in the water" on the shelving above the now vacant space where minnow tanks once resided remind you of its recent past as a small bait shop catering to the fisherman who prowl the missouri river. Cheap flourescent light fixtures hang precariously from the fragile ceiling daring you to walk beneath them. The huge windows are all either covered by lush warm faux wood paneling or jerry rigged with a hodge podge of various materials to create a smaller than original opening. The concrete floors are in fairly good condition and the brick walls reveal their past abuse through layers of flaking paint and left over glue from previous alterations. The attic is full of reciepts and promotional materials left over from the glory days of its former existence as a gas station. The world war 2 era newspapers scattered throughout this elevated time capsule are tattered with evidence of hungry mice.

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