Sunday, August 23, 2009

geothermal HVAC installation is underway

Earlier this week Keeven Heating and Cooling began work on installing the new geothermal HVAC system. As of this weekend, they have completed drilling the wells in the front lot and a new shelf has been installed to hold the geothermal unit on the interior of the building.

reclaimed studs

This photo shows some of the reclaimed studs we have utilized for framing out the new restrooms and storage closet mixed in with a few new studs. As you can see, these studs were once covered with slats and old plaster which preserved them quite well. These 80 year old studs are just as strong or stronger than todays common spruce/pine/fir 2x4's. Their reuse allows us to consume less new wood and to produce less waste.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

another weekend

The roof was torn off and replaced this week and two of the old doors were torn out. With the roof completed, we decided to go ahead and clean and paint the exposed joists before any new ductwork or electricity is ran. Painting an exposed ceiling turned out to be about as fun as cutting off your fingers with an old rusty bread knife and soaking them in battery acid. The old concrete in the front of the building is torn out and the interior floor should be poured sometime this week which will give us the go ahead to install windows and doors.

Monday, August 3, 2009

movin along

gina and i spent another complete weekend working at the baitshop. friday 5pm-10pm saturday 6:30am-9pm sunday 7am-2pm. Friday and Saturday we finished stripping and powerwashing the brick and the existing concrete floor. I was pretty excited to see how beautiful the existing concrete floor looked underneath the copious amount of paint applied to it over the years. It has a fair amount of color variation and some rad stains and imperfections that will look great under a high gloss clear finish. On sunday we did a bit of diy tuckpointing to spruce up the a few spots on the interior brick walls. We learned tuckpointing is just a testosterone boosted form of cake decorating, put some slop in a bag squeeze it and make it pretty. Tonight we will be giving the bricks a final scrub and rinse before we apply a sealer. The construction crew got the front corner of the building bashed out and erected the metal studs that will frame the new entrance to the building and also wrapped up most of the interior framing for the bathrooms and storage. The roofer is going to stall out until next week due to rain in the forcast.