Monday, March 16, 2009

the bait shop exterior

As you can see the exterior of the ye ole baitshop is a bit of a shamble. A building that provides aesthetic pleasures tantamount to day old poop on a worn fractured sidewalk. The sad building that once housed a small tire shop and gas station is now the dead end of a hopeless, once thriving bait shop. A web of fissures covers the brittle stucco surface. The windows and most of the doors sit idle, crippled and inoperable. The concrete surrounding the building is fragile and broken. The tangled and wilted aluminum awnings hang onto the building like a weak and fatigued sailer hangs on to the surviving threads of a 3 day old shipwreck. A gravel pit is all that remains of a large gaping hole in the middle of the lot that once housed gasoline tanks. From the streetview this building appears to be lonely, tired, disheveled and ready for a bit of love from the wishing machine.

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