Monday, August 3, 2009

movin along

gina and i spent another complete weekend working at the baitshop. friday 5pm-10pm saturday 6:30am-9pm sunday 7am-2pm. Friday and Saturday we finished stripping and powerwashing the brick and the existing concrete floor. I was pretty excited to see how beautiful the existing concrete floor looked underneath the copious amount of paint applied to it over the years. It has a fair amount of color variation and some rad stains and imperfections that will look great under a high gloss clear finish. On sunday we did a bit of diy tuckpointing to spruce up the a few spots on the interior brick walls. We learned tuckpointing is just a testosterone boosted form of cake decorating, put some slop in a bag squeeze it and make it pretty. Tonight we will be giving the bricks a final scrub and rinse before we apply a sealer. The construction crew got the front corner of the building bashed out and erected the metal studs that will frame the new entrance to the building and also wrapped up most of the interior framing for the bathrooms and storage. The roofer is going to stall out until next week due to rain in the forcast.

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